The project

In today’s age of global instant communication it is necessary to provide everybody with access to information technology. As a result countless broadcasting and telecommunications towers worldwide are powered by grid connections that are expensive to maintain or diesel generators in regions with no connection to the energy grid.

Photon Energy, BAI and dena are working together to illustrate how solar energy can replace Diesel and other energy sources as the main power source in off-grid regions. The key to success is an effective battery storage system to utilise the power generated and saved during the day 24/7.

The application of renewable energy in remote regions far exceeds broadcast towers. Entire townships and islands are cut off from access to national energy grids and have to rely on unsustainable and expensive fuel sources such as Diesel generators. As a result operating expenses for companies and communities increase, creating dramatic financial inequality and competitive disadvantages.

With solar energy we can dramatically improve the global environmental footprint. Up until this moment the amount of real-life applications for solar storage systems are not yet sufficient to convince stakeholders and decision makers.

Projects such as the solar power storage system for the Muswellbrook BAI tower can provide the necessary technical and financial data to create truly competitive products.

Sustainable energy can no longer rely purely on environmental arguments but needs to prove that it is also financially more efficient than regular fuel sources. With the Muswellbrook project we will be able to produce solar PV products tailor-made for other off-grid applications across Australia and the globe.

Muswellbrook is located 250 km north of Sydney.



The broadcast tower station is operated by BAI and provides the Hunter Valley region with radio transmissions. At the same time the two towers are used to broadcast emergency information to the local population.

Photon Energy has delivered and installed a 39 kWp solar PV system with a 216 kWh battery backup-system.

The hybrid power storage system is designed to provide up to 92% of the annual energy consumption. The rest will be covered by electricity from the grid or the diesel Backup system.

The technology is mostly Made in Germany. For more details about the technology used, please click here.

Photon Energy is also providing monitoring and maintenance for the power plant for five years.

The cost of energy from the PV power plant is equal of lower than the current cost of energy from the grid. With component prices continuously falling the ROI is getting shorter.