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Energy storage in Australia –  view from the ground as the market takes off
Source: PV Tech
5 February 2015

Broadcast tower goes off-grid with solar-battery system
Source: Business Spectator
7 November 2014

Remote infrastructure that doesn’t need fossil fuels any more
7 November 2014

BAI radio tower goes off-grid and onto solar power
Critical Comms
7 November 2014

Solar-plus-storage pilot project in Australia to be funded by German government ministry
Source: PV Tech
18. 7. 2014

Photon Energy: progetto pilota fv-storage in Australia
Source: Zero Emmission (Italian)
18. 7. 2014

Photon Energy realisiert Pilotprojekt in Australien
Source: PV Magazine (German)
16. 7. 2014

Photon Energy zbuduje w Australii stację magazynowania energii słonecznej

Source: Automatika B2B (Polish)

Hi-res photos of the launch ceremony in Sydney, 7 November 2014 (Dropbox)

Hi-res and lo-res photos of the project (Dropbox)

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zahorany_final-smallSolar power plant, Zahorany (Czech Republic)
Photon Energy

Gore Hill - MCG cover pic final
BAI Telecom Tower
BAI Group

Solar power plant in Sydney
Photon Energy

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