Power storage

Power storage is the key component for making renewable energy truly competitive with energy from the grid or Diesel generators. With power storage energy independence is fast becoming a reality for many customers.

Combined with solar energy, power storage solutions are ideal not only for remote locations (where customers currently rely on Diesel generators) but also as a protection against rising energy prices.

In many remote parts of the world diesel generators are used to generate electricity for mining operations, remote communities, telecom towers and other installations and facilities.

Apart from the negative effects on the environment Diesel also puts a heavy strain expenses and financial planning. Renewable energy sources, such as solar PV, are a way towards more financial and environmental sustainability.

  • Costly diesel genset operations
  • Demand-side energy management
  • Energy supply security
  • Environmental policy compliance and stewardship
  • Local community relations
  • Value creation and cost savings using PV solar-diesel hybrid systems
  • Hedging against diesel prices and supply risks with PV solar power
  • Efficient and sustainable demand-side energy management
  • Lower emissions and environmental impact
  • Improved local community relations



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